How To Prevent Your Window Tint From Bubbling

Installing automotive window tint can be greatly beneficial for multiple reasons, but not if it’s poorly installed or low-quality; a flawless application is essential. Bubbling and purpling are common issues that not only ruin the look of your vehicle but also compromise the tint’s functionality. Here’s how to prevent these problems.

Window tint should improve the look of your vehicle. Here's how to avoid a bad tint job.
Window tint should improve the look of your vehicle. Here’s how to avoid a bad tint job.

Choose High-Quality Tinting Film

Opting for premium window tint films is your first defense against bubbling and purpling. High-quality films, like those used by Retro Detailing, offer superior resistance to UV rays and wear.

We spent months talking to distributors and researching films to ensure we’re using the best window tinting film, including the infusion of nano-crystals into the film that block UV rays and solar heat.

Professional Installation of Matters

Having your window tint professionally installed by Retro Detailing, or another certified, well-rated tint shop, ensures a perfect application. Our expert installers use advanced techniques and tools to apply the tint smoothly, eliminating the risk of bubbles and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Regular Maintenance of Your New Window Tint

Keep your tinted windows in pristine condition by ordering a window tint care kit when you schedule your appointment!

Why Retro Detailing?

Retro Detailing is your go-to for car detailing and window tinting because we prioritize quality and precision. Our professional installation guarantees your tint will remain smooth, vibrant, and effective, enhancing your car’s aesthetic and UV protection.

For expert car detailing and flawless window tinting, trust Retro Detailing to deliver exceptional results.

Looking for a professionally trained and experienced automotive window tinted film installer? Contact Retro Detailing in Bowling Green, OH at (419) 819-4102 or schedule your window tinting appointment online . The owner installs your high-quality window tint film and guarantees it for life.

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